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The most recent publications:

  • Elias, T., D. Ramon, L. Dubus, C. Bourdil, E. Cuevas-Agulló, T. Zaidouni, P. Formenti, Aerosols attenuating the solar radiation collected by solar tower plants: The horizontal pathway at surface level, AIP Conference Proceedings, 1734, 150004 (2016), DOI:
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  • Elias, T., Dupont, J.-C., Hammer E., Hoyle, C.R., Haeffelin, M., Burnet, F. and D. Jolivet, Enhanced extinction ov visible radiation due to hydrated aerosols in mist and fog, Atmos. chem. Phys., Volume 15, pages 6606-6623, DOI:10.5194/acp-15-6605-2015 (2015)
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  • F. Camacho, J. Cernicharo, R. Lacaze, F. Baret, M. Weiss, “GEOV1: LAI, FAPAR Essential Climate Variables and FCOVER global time series capitalizing over existing products. Part 2: Validation and inter-comparison with reference products”. Remote Sensing of Environment,, (2013).
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  • Steinmetz F., "Étude de la correction de la diffusion atmosphérique et du rayonnement solaire réfléchi par la surface agitée de la mer pour l'observation de la couleur de l'océan depuis l'espace", PhD Thesis defended on 19th February 2008, LOA/HYGEOS.
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