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The company

Founded in 2001, HYGEOS is a worker cooperative company with french SARL status specialized in data processing, interpretation and validation of passive satellite Earth observation (EO). Our services also include prospective studies to help define system requirements of future instruments. Among our expertise domains, planetary radiative transfer is one of the most important. Studies, algorithms development and software programs prototypes are realized in-house. Parternships with research and services institutes are common. Our customers are mainly spatial sector agencies, such as European Spatial Agency (ESA), European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) or the French national center for spatial studies (CNES) and industries. We also work with companies like EDF (Electricité de France).

Ten people work at HYGEOS. 6 PhD in Physics, 2 computer scientists, 1 system administrator and a management assistant compose the team. HYGEOS team is very close to research institutes and thus very upstream in technologies transfer processes. This connection with academic world offers flexibility to academic labs and a scientific garanty to customers. Research and development is our main activity and HYGEOS is labelled « Innovative Young Company » since 2004 (Jeune Entreprise Innovante in French). In a high technology sector such as Earth observation satellites, one has to constantly innovate and that’s why HYGEOS pursue its willing of a strong association with superior research institutes.

Satellites are powerful tools to get a global monitoring of our environment in addition to classical measurements, most of the time surface based. From definition phase to exploitation, we take action at different steps of a spatial mission life:

  • Prospection : Satellites signal simulations, ocean and atmosphere radiative transfer. Feasability studies for future spatial missions. Research on new methods for passive Earth Observation.

  • Data harvest & processing : Definition, prototyping and validation of scientific processing chains of EO data. Applications (Oceanography, Vegetation, air quality, atmospheric effects correction).

  • Data Broadcasting: Multisources geophysics databases development, Web portal for data distribution.

HYGEOS participates in projects about air quality, open ocean and coastal waters, land cover monitoring mostly at global scale.



  • radiative transfer in the atmosphere and in the ocean
  • processing of large data sets (satellite, instrument networks, ...)
  • scientific algorithmy



  • Earth observation: fish ressource management, land management, ...
  • Spatial technologies
  • Air quality
  • Climate
  • Solar energy resource
  • Meteorology