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SMART-G is an advanced radiative transfer code. It simulates how the light propagates in the atmosphere and ocean. Its features are the following :

  • Uses a Monte-Carlo solver
  • GPU accelerated using the CUDA framework (massively parallel processing)
  • Works in plane parallel or spherical geometry
  • Accounts for light polarization
  • Accounts for scattering and absorption by molecules, aerosols and particles in the atmosphere and ocean
  • Accounts for reflection/transmission by a wind-roughened sea surface, including wave shadowing effects
  • Accounts for adjacency effects
  • Multispectral processing
  • Coded in python + pycuda


One poster presented at the IOCS conference in 2015, on few possible applications with SMART-G.

Another poster on SMART-G computing time improvement by implementing the ALIS scheme.

New developments in radiative trasnfer were also performed by HYGEOS for another code called ARTDECO.  Poster presented at IRS in 2016.


Demonstration :