PHIDIAS (Prototype of HPC/Data Infrastructure for On-demand Services) is a H2020 project coordinated by CINES, the French National Computing Centre for Higher Education. The project addresses the development and concrete realization of a set of High-Performance Computing (HPC) based interdisciplinary services and tools to exploit large satellite datasets. PHIDIAS offers a catalogue allowing users to discover and access data, but also relevant open source software, public APIs and interactive processing services. The project also implements an end-user web common interactive processing service based on notebook and datacube technologies.

One project workpackage aims at exploiting HPC and high-performance data management for developing intelligent screening approaches of large amount of satellite data for detection and identification of anomalous atmospheric composition events (pollutant plumes related to megacity pollution episodes, extreme wild fires, industrial accidents). The objective is to implement a prototype service based on the Sentinel-5P atmospheric sounding mission, in view of demonstrating the operational, real-time feasibility and added value of the targeted detection and analysis of extreme atmospheric events.

HYGEOS provides experience and processing approaches for the exploitation of Sentinel-5P reference datasets and for the preparation of the Principal Component Analysis bases for filtering methods.

Funder: European Commission (EC) - H2020
Duration: 2019 - 2022
Contact at Hygeos: Didier Ramon