C2X: Extreme case 2 waters

The C2X project was initiated and funded through the SEOM Programme of ESA – the European Space Agency. The objective was to study and advance the state of the art of retrieval of water reflectances, inherent optical properties and concentrations from ocean colour data of extreme absorbing and extreme scattering Case 2 waters with total suspended matter load higher than 100mg/l.
There is a significant user interest in such waters for management of coastal and estuarine sediment transport and associated dredging/dumping operations, for ecosystem modellers considering primary production and associated eutrophication and/or carbon fixation and for quantifying supply of organic carbon from the world’s major rivers (Amazon, Yangtze, La Plata, etc) to the coastal oceans.
The demonstration was done with MERIS historical data, the algorithms and processors were prepared for the Sentinel-3 OLCI and SLSTR sensors.

Funder: European Space Agency (ESA)
Contact at Hygeos: François Steinmetz