Copernicus Global Land service

The production and distribution of the global biophysical products of the Copernicus Global Land Service are performed by 3 consortia in charge of the Operations of the Vegetation and Energy variables (Consortium 1 led by VITO), of the Operations of the Cryosphere and Water variables (Consortium 2 led by CLS), and of the Distribution (Consortium 3 led by VITO), respectively. HYGEOS is involved in the 3 consortia by:

  • coordinating the scientific activities of Consortium 1, in particular concerning the evolution of portfolio, the quality of products and the communication.

  • performing the quality assessment of the Water Bodies and being member of the expert teams in charge of the Lake Surface Reflectance in Consortium 2.

  • supporting Consortium 3 leader to ensure the consistency and the quality of the product information provided on the CGLS website from a scientific viewpoint.

HYGEOS in the Copernicus Global Land Service

Funder: Joint Research Center (JRC) for European Commission (EC)
Duration: 2016 - 2019
Contact at Hygeos: Roselyne Lacaze