Copernicus Global Land service

The production and distribution of the global biophysical products of the Copernicus Global Land Service (CGLS) are performed by 3 consortia in charge of the Operations of the "Vegetation and Energy" variables (Consortium 1 led by VITO), of the Operations of the "Cryosphere and Water" variables (Consortium 2 led by CLS), and of the "Distribution and User Support" (Consortium 3 led by VITO), respectively. HYGEOS is involved in 2 consortia by:

  • coordinating the scientific activities of Consortium 1 in particular concerning the evolution of portfolio, the quality assessment and the validation of products and the communication. In support of Consortium 3, HYGEOS ensures that information provided on the CGLS website is consistent from a scientific viewpoint. HYGEOS manages as well the links between Consortium 1 and the consortium in charge of the "Evaluation and User Group".

  • being member of the expert teams in charge of the Lake Surface Reflectance in Consortium 2, in particular regarding the atmospheric correction using the Polymer algorithm.

HYGEOS in the Copernicus Global Land Service

Funder: Joint Research Center (JRC) for European Commission (EC)
Duration: 2016 - 2023
Contact at Hygeos: Roselyne Lacaze