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Roselyne Lacaze

PhD Physics, Project Management, Studies

Her experience relates to land surface remote sensing, specialized in the retrieval methodologies of continental biophere variables from multi-angular Earth Observation data.

She is currently involved in the Copernicus Global Land Service where she coordinates the scientific activities, in particular the definition of algorithm, and the validation of products, related to the production of vegetation and energy variables. She has also managed the FP7/ImagineS project which performed R&D activities in support of the operations of the Copernicus Global Land Service. She has participated in the FP6/geoland project in which she contributed in the algorithm definition and product validation and, in the continuity, she has coordinated the global part of the FP7/geoland2 project, which was the precursor R&D project of the Copernicus Global Land Service. In the previous years, she was involved in the FP5/CYCLOPES project (focusing on the use of SPOT/VEGETATION sensor), and in the POLDER/PARASOL project funded by CNES.

  • Since 2005 : Research engineer at HYGEOS, Head of land surface projects and studies
  • 2002 - 2005 : Research engineer at MEDIAS-France
  • 1999 - 2002 : Post doctoral fellowship funded by CNES
  • 1999 : PhD, speciality « Remote Sensing and Physics of the Biosphere », University Toulouse III, CNRM/Météo-France