2022/03/07 HYGEOS will contribute to the IRS conference !

Fast high spectral resolution polarized radiative transfer with GPU based Monte-Carlo by Didier Ramon, Mustapha Moulana, Mathieu Compiègne

Future satellite mission preparation using synthetic data by Mathieu Compiègne, François Thieuleux, Philippe Dubuisson, Jérôme Riedi, Alessio Bozzo, Phil Watts, Mounir Lekouara, Christoph Straif

Ice cloud properties from high spectral resolution measurements in the thermal infrared: Application to IASI by Lucie Leornaski, Laurent C.-Labonnote, Jérôme Vidot, François Thieuleux, Anthony Baran, Mathieu Compiègne and Philippe Dubuisson

Synergistic Retrieval of Cloud Properties from the 3MI and its Companion Instruments Aboard METOP-SG A by Jérôme Riedi, Laurent C.-Labonnote, Nicolas Ferlay, Souichiro Hioki, Nicolas Henriot, François Thieuleux, Mathieu Compiègne, Aurélien Chauvigné, Céline Cornet, Simonne Guilbert, Lucie Leonarski, Fabien Waquet, Frédéric Parol, Philippe Dubuisson, Bertrand Fougnie and Thierry Marbach

Local Estimate Method with 3D Objects in the SMART-G Radiative Transfer Monte-Carlo code by Mustapha Moulana, Didier Ramon, Céline Cornet, Thierry Elias, Robert Frouin

Characteristics of surface solar environment per cloud cover type and radiative forcing by aerosols and clouds by Nicolas Ferlay, Gabriel Chesnoiu, Thierry Elias, Isabelle Chiapello, Pierre Nabat, Marc Mallet, Isabelle Jankoviak

Validation of Solar Resource Parameters Simulated by SMART-G, in Clear-sky Conditions by Thierry Elias, Mustapha Moulana, Gabriel Chesnoiu, Isabelle Chiapello, Nicolas Ferlay