Since its inception, HYGEOS is willing to share its knowledge about radiative transfer physics and its applications in the people’s daily lives. Thus, HYGEOS’ staffs are involved in training activities towards professionals, students and the general public through the animation of workshops, academic lectures and outreach initiatives.

Thanks to close partnership with research institutes and universities, HYGEOS invests in supervising doctoral students. Three PhDs were defended at HYGEOS, one was at the origin of the POLYMER algorithm which is now a reference for atmospheric corrections over water targets. A fourth PhD, related to solar power tower optical simulation in SMART-G atmospheric radiative transfer code, was defended in March 2021. HYGEOS’ staff also teached at the university, for instance on image processing, or lectured on company's actitivies and researches while, each year, HYGEOS hosts master students for one to six months internships in physics, mathematics or computing science.

HYGEOS performs training activities dedicated to professionals, to help them using efficiently satellite imagery. The objective is to show the trainees how to get access to state-of-the-art satellite data, how to read the files, visualize the data, interpret the information, handle the data including coding more or less complex calculations adapted to specific applications.

HYGEOS’ staff participates as well to educational programs and public actors initiatives aiming at attracting the interest of young people towards space, both inside and outside the classroom.