EUMETSAT Bright Pixel Correction

The EUMETSAT study "Ocean Colour Bright Pixel Correction", lead by SOLVO, consisted in decoupling the atmospheric and oceanic components in the red and near infrared bands, in order to apply a standard atmospheric correction scheme, which requires that this decoupling be done. The purpose of this project was to develop a dedicated Bright Pixel Correction for OLCI:

  • Applicable over a wide range of water types and atmospheric conditions
  • Robust to OLCI instrumental and vicarious calibration
  • Implemented within the Level-2 processor in an harmonized way (understanding of upstream and downstream processing steps)
  • Innovative and using all capabilities of OLCI (e.g. 1020 nm band)
  • Integrating all recent advancements of the scientific community
  • Conversely, contributing on behalf of EUMETSAT to international OC activities lead by IOCCG
  • Prototyped for implementation and test in the OLCI ground segment
  • Potentially applicable to other OC sensors
  • Fully validated and performing better than current OLCI BPC
  • Approved through an independent feedback of the scientific community
  • Documented in an ATBD and DPM
  • Published in a peer-reviewed paper

HYGEOS has prototyped the coupled ocean-atmosphere algorithm, developed by SOLVO, and has processed the diagnostic dataset while HZG has performed an independent validation.

Duration: 2018-2019
Contact at Hygeos: Fran├žois Steinmetz