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Dominique Jolivet

PhD Physics, Prospection, Studies

He is a senior scientist at HYGEOS since 2003. He hold a PhD from the University of Lille (France) obtained in 1998. He developed a Monte Carlo radiative transfer code including polarization and adapted to spherical shell geometry (CNES). He developed an algorithm to retrieve aerosol optical thickness over land using MSG/SEVIRI (ICARE and CM-SAF). His research interests include the passive remote sensing from space, in particular aerosols, cloud and ocean colour remote sensing. He was responsible for mission studies for CNES, ESA (Geo-Oculus) and led studies on accuracy of atmospheric correction schemes versus instrumental performances. Recently he was involved on R&D studies on Total Column of Ozone retireval with MERIS, atmospheric corrections for water turbidity remote sensing using MSG/SEVIRI. He is also responsible of MERIS daily PAR validation within the ESA/SEOM PAR for Primary Production Project

  • Since 2004 : Research engineer at HYGEOS. Head of projects and studies.
  • 1999-2003 : Research engineer at Meteorological Institut of Netherlands (KNMI).
  • 1998 : PhD, influence of cloud heterogeneity on solar radiation toward space with Monte-Carlo code (Univ. Lille I).