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Dominique Jolivet

PhD Physics, Prospection, Studies

His research interests include the passive remote sensing from space, in particular aerosols, clouds and ocean colour. In particular, he has developed for CNES a Monte Carlo radiative transfer code including polarization and adapted to spherical shell geometry and an algorithm to retrieve aerosol optical thickness over land using MSG/SEVIRI for the ICARE data center and the Climate Monitoring SAF. He is responsible for mission studies for CNES (e.g. for IASI instrument), ESA and led studies on accuracy of atmospheric correction schemes versus instrumental performances. He was involved on R&D studies on Total Column of Ozone retrieval with MERIS (TORMS), atmospheric corrections for water turbidity remote sensing using MSG/SEVIRI. He was also responsible of MERIS daily PAR validation within the ESA/SEOM PAR for Primary Production Project.

  • Since 2004 : Research engineer at HYGEOS
  • 1999-2003 : Research engineer at Meteorological Institute of Netherlands (KNMI)
  • 1998 : PhD, influence of cloud heterogeneity on solar radiation toward space with Monte-Carlo code (Universit√© de Lille 1).