Who we are

Founded in 2001, HYGEOS is the first French worker cooperative enterprise of the civil space industry. HYGEOS processes, analyses and validates satellite imagery for extracting high precision information on the state of Earth and atmosphere.

Our team carries out research and development activities in optical remote sensing. Thanks to its expertise in radiative transfer in the atmosphere, in the ocean and over land, HYGEOS performs prospective studies to help define system requirements of future Earth Observation satellite missions and develops in-house methods, software, tools and products to exploit the satellite imagery information.

HYGEOS is constantly innovating in connection with research institutes and academic world. This strong association guarantees state-of-the-art scientific algorithms supported by the most recent technologies to process large datasets. HYGEOS is also investing in the training of Ph.D students.

Through international collaborations, HYGEOS actively participates in European Earth Observation programmes monitoring the open ocean and coastal waters, the land ecosystems, the air quality and the climate. We also respond to industry needs in the renewable energy domain by providing solar resources estimates.

Our values:

Sharing: through close collaboration with the academic community and international partnerships, we pass on our expertise and favour a dynamic and collective emulation.

Transparency: we develop and promote open-source softwares, we publish our methodoogies and we make available our tools for R&D activities.

Equity: we are committed to the cooperative status of HYGEOS where each associate employee takes part in the strategic orientations, contributes to the company success and benefits from them.

Our commitments:

A careful attention to figure out the customer needs and propose adapted and customised solutions.

Reactivity and flexibility to permanently fit our customers’ needs and to closely follow the ever-increasing scientific knowledge.

A continuous innovation to exploit the state-of-the-art methodologies in remote sensing and spatial imagery.

Our customers:

The spatial agencies to simulate the satellite signal, calibrate the sensors and study the feasibility of future satellite missions.

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The European Commission via the Copernicus program to which we actively contribute with our tools, methods and expertise for monitoring the atmosphere, the marine resources, the land ecosystems and the climate change impacts.

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The industries in space and energy sectors to which we offer the precision and accuracy of our algorithms.

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