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Solar ressource

SolaRes® service provides both near real time estimates and historical archives of solar resource, worldwide, for the needs of solar plant operators and developers.

Exploitation of satellite data

HYGEOS retrieves from Earth Observation data key physical variables describing the state of atmosphere, the quality of water and the health of land ecosystems.

Simulation of satellite data

HYGEOS simulates on-demand precise synthetic Earth Observation data in support to the definition of future geostationary and polar-orbiting spatial missions.


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About us

We are a worker cooperative enterprise specialized in the analysis of satellite images for extracting high precision information on the state of our living environment. Read more…

Physicists, with PhD in various thematics, and software engineers work together to define innovative algorithms and develop tools for the exploitation of Earth Observation data. Read more…

Sharing, transparency and equity are our strong values to meet our commitments to our customers. Read more…

The space agencies, the European Commission through the Copernicus program and the industries of space and energy sectors trust us. Read more…