Happy New Year

The HYGEOS team wishes to his partners and customers a prosperous year 2024 with plenty of new opportunities and fruitful interactions.

HYGEOS is happy to start the new year 2024 with the beginning of the Horizon Europe R&D CAMS AERosol Advancement (CAMAERA) project which will last 36 months. The consortium, coordinated by HYGEOS, gathers 15 European partners. CAMAERA aims to provide strong improvements of the aerosol modelling capabilities of the regional and global systems of the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS), on the assimilation of new sources of data, and on a better representation of secondary aerosols and their precursor gases. All CAMAERA’s developments will be closely aligned with the ongoing operational CAMS service provision, in particular those of the CAMS2_35 project, and the activities carried out in the Horizon Europe R&D CAMS EvOlution (CAMEO) project.