HYGEOS made 4 presentations at IRS 2022

HYGEOS teams participated in the International Radiation Symposium on 4-8 July 2022 in Thessaloniki, Greece, and made 4 presentations:

  • Fast high spectral resolution polarized radiative transfer with GPU based Monte-Carlo by Didier Ramon, Mustapha Moulana, Mathieu Compiègne
  • Future satellite mission preparation using synthetic data by Mathieu Compiègne, François Thieuleux, Philippe Dubuisson, Jérôme Riedi, Alessio Bozzo, Phil Watts, Mounir Lekouara, Christoph Straif
  • Local Estimate Method with 3D Objects in the SMART-G Radiative Transfer Monte-Carlo code by Mustapha Moulana, Didier Ramon, Céline Cornet, Thierry Elias, Robert Frouin
  • Validation of Solar Resource Parameters Simulated by SMART-G, in Clear-sky Conditions by Thierry Elias, Mustapha Moulana, Gabriel Chesnoiu, Isabelle Chiapello, Nicolas Ferlay