HYGEOS in support to CNES missions

HYGEOS started a number of studies to support CNES in the calibration, validation and data processors development for current and future spatial missions.

HYGEOS investigates the atmospheric correction and cloud detection models that will be included into the Level 2A operational processing chain retrieving land surface temperature from the future TRISHNA mission (launch planned end of 2024).

HYGEOS upgrades an existing prototype to process the in-situ data acquired by a CIMEL CE312 radiometer installed on the La Crau calibration site.

HYGEOS tunes Isofit, an atmospheric correction software developed by JPL, to process the images of HYPS, the future hyperspectral CNES mission and evaluates its performances.

HYGEOS upgrades the SMAC code by replacing the current training radiative transfer code by a more precise one, by including the Jacobians and by adding the option to consider various aerosol models and to exploit the CAMS datasets.