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Mathieu Compiègne

PhD Physics, Research & Development

His main activities concern atmospheric radiative transfer, passive remote sensing and inversion technics. He is the expert in the production of synthetical dataset for various instruments and missions (e.g. Earth Explorer 9th FORUM, MSG/SEVIRI). He leads a project on prototyping an algorithm for the retrieval of cloud top pressure from O2 A-band with the instrument METimage on board EPS-SG and participates on developping the cloud retrieval algorithm from 3MI (EPS-SG) data. He is also strongly involved in the development of GPU based Monte-Carlo radiative transfer code SMART-G. He is the main developper of the ARTDECO radiative transfer suite.

  • Since 2013 : Research engineer at HYGEOS
  • 2011 - 2013 : Research engineer at Laboratoire d'Optique Atmosphérique
  • 2010 - 2011 : Researcher in astrophysics at California Institute of Technology
  • 2007 - 2010 : Researcher in astrophysics at Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics, University of Toronto
  • 2007 : PhD, evolution of interstellar dusts (Université Paris Sud 11)