3MI Cloud algorithm development support


This project, led by Atmospheric Optics Laboratory, provided support to the development of cloud property retrieval algorithms from the 3MI instrument on EPS-SG, in particular those which take advantage of the unique characteristics of 3MI as compared to METimage, namely the multi-angular viewing and the measurement of polarisation.

HYGEOS Activities

HYGEOS was responsible for the validation: it included defining the method, performing the analysis and reporting the results. This task implied the generation of new synthetical data for 3MI using the simulator developped for the 4M-SDS project. The new synthetic data are even more realistic to comply with the testing of surface reflectance algorithm. HYGEOS took also part in the Look-Up Table optimization and computation.

3MI synthetic 865 nm total intensity
3MI synthetic 865 nm polarized intensity

3MI synthetic data. Left panel is 865 nm total intensity. The Right panel is 865nm polarized intensity. G, CB and BS stand for Glitter, Cloud Bow and Back-Scattering, respectively. Contour lines show the scattering angle.


Duration : 2017 – 2019

Contact at HYGEOS : Mathieu Compiègne